Mobile Unit Specs

More than 30 years, 15 million miles, 10,000 events, and hundreds of valued clients later, we still love the road – and it shows!

Where uncompromising attention to detail and unparalleled quality counts more than sheer quantity, F&F Productions has consistently provided one of the youngest, best-equipped, and custom-configurable fleets of HD remote broadcast production mobile units in our industry.

Custom-designed and built for space and comfort, brilliantly engineered for performance and versatility, and scrupulously maintained for on-time delivery and on-site reliability, F&F Productions is the state of the art for our industry’s most discriminating producers.

Our GTX signature series fleet of 53’ double and single expando mobile units are wired for up to 24 cameras, delivering unmatched high definition multi-format performance in native 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 24p, and 30p.

Please visit each Mobile Unit page for more information by going to Mobile Unit Specs and than clicking the required truck number.


GTX-18 Specs (PDF)

GTX-17 Specs (PDF)

GTX-16 Specs (PDF)

GTX-14 Specs (PDF)

GTX-12 Specs (PDF)

GTX-11 Specs (PDF)

GTX-10 Specs (PDF)

GTX-9 Specs (PDF)

GTX-8 Specs (PDF)

GTX-7 Specs (PDF)

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