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F&F Productions Covers Massive Superdome for CBS at Final Four

As six of his finest mobile production units rumble and hum around him, F&F Productions president and CEO George Orgera is beaming.

Leaning slightly against the walking cane in his right hand, Orgera couldn’t be more pleased with the sight: an all F&F truck compound outside the Superdome in New Orleans for the biggest weekend in college sports.

GTX-15, parked outside of the Superdome, will handle the pregame, halftime, and postgame productions for CBS Sports at this weekend’s Final Four.

Six production trucks – three “A” and three “B” units – line West Stadium Drive between the Superdome and New Orleans Arena, but F&F also provides nearly the entire infrastructure

Thirty six cameras, twenty five miles of cable, 36,000 feet of DT-12 cables, 30,000 feet of Triax. Even 45,000-feet of fiber was packed and shipped in bins with 25,000 feet of it actually being used. Due to the largeness of the Superdome, a significant amount of cabling is needed to get the production in line. Orgera and his team nearly stripped their home facility in Clearwater, FL empty for this one.

“We’re doing one of the bigger shows in the country,” says Orgera. “I think what that says is that F&F Productions over the years has developed the infrastructure to do a big event like this. I think F&F really has kind of arrived from a bunch of poor, starving country guys to something like this.”

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GTX-16 Set to Take Center Court for Final Four

For the more than 80 million basketball fans in the U.S. alone who couldn’t land one of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s 74,500 seats for tip off at the 2012 NCAA Men’s Final Four at New Orleans, the best seat in the house will once again be provided by CBS Sports as F&F Productions rolls up for ‘the big dance’ with a trio of newly-upgraded GTX signature series 53’ expando HD mobile trucks and their B support units.

A 30-year tradition for CBS Sports and the NCAA continues as F&F’s recently launched GTX-16 joins the network on site in New Orleans for their exclusive live coverage of the Men’s Final Four with Grass Valley’s Kayenne HD video production switcher, Calrec Apollo console with Bluefin2 and two new Hydra2 I/O’s, four EVS XT2+ LSM HD 6 channel servers, before gearing up for the network’s coverage of U.S. Open Tennis.

With 24 live cameras positioned around the court for game coverage and more than 20 replay sources aboard GTX-16, a viewer would have to turn off their TV to miss a shot.

GTX-15 takes command to host CBS’ pre/post-game shows with 8 Ikegami HDK-79EC CMOS cameras, (of 12 cameras provided and wired for 24), supported by GV’s Kalypso HD production switcher, Calrec Alpha console with Bluefin, two EVS XT2+ LSM HD 6 channel and two EVS XT2+ LSM HD 4 channel servers, enhanced DTS Neural Surround Sound, expanded monitoring boasting 18 Boland 32-in. HD-SDI monitors, router output capacity doubled to 288×576, and its updated Image Video Tally System.

GTX-12 also visits The Big Easy to provide 7 cameras to ESPN’s international feed of the Men’s Final Four with its own GV Kalypso HD production switcher, two EVS XT2+ LSM HD 6 channel and two EVS XT2+ LSM HD 4 channel servers, DTS Neural Surround Sound system, with all three HD remote production trucks supported by their own well-equipped ‘B’ units.

With TV viewership expected to exceed 20 million for this year’s championship game, and now in our seventh consecutive year supporting CBS Sports’ live coverage of college basketball’s most widely-viewed event of the year, F&F Productions has remained a first choice for every major network for three decades, backed by its renowned commitment to excellence in engineering, 24/7 technical support, and veteran broadcast team.